DEE KELLER Susu 3" Feather Strap Sandal with Ostridge Feathers

$359.00 $479.00


Dee Keller Blush leather sandal with feather. 3" inch heel. 
Sandale en cuir "Blush" avec des plumes. Talon de 3" pouces.

The Sandal Every Celebrity Will be Wearing This Summer


Made in Italy using 100% Calf leather


Dee’s collection weaves together European design with a modern attitude and family traditions. Crafted from the finest Italian materials and inspired by American fashion icons, each of Dee’s models has a unique personality, a contemporary feel, and a nod to a vintage past. Her shoes, as is her spirited style, are timeless.

A mother of four and wife of a successful real estate developer, Dee is an attorney by trade. More than a decade ago, Dee left the legal world and followed her passion of interior design, focusing on how textiles and materials worked together. In 2011, she took the skills she’d honed and ventured into the arena of shoes, which she admits has been a personal indulgence for more than 20 years. The hours and expertise she once poured into researching legal briefs, she channeled into understanding every facet of shoe design and manufacturing. Today Dee Keller Design has grown to a multi-faceted line of shoes, accessories and clothing.