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ML MONIQUE L'HUILLIER Layered Lace Dress Robe en dentelle



ML MONIQUE L'HUILLIER Delicate lace dress with spaghetti straps, features detail at the neck. Flowy and sheer skirt with layered lace.

Robe en dentelle délicate avec des bretelles spaghetti, dispose de détails au niveau du cou. Jupe fluide et transparente avec dentelle en couches.

  • Sheer skirt | Jupe transparente
  • Dry clean only | Nettoyage à sec uniquement
  • Imported | Importé

The designer's exceptional ability to blend classic femininity with contemporary trends is unparalleled in the fashion world. From ready-to-wear to bridal, each sophisticated collection from Monique Lhuillier is even more exquisite than the last.