Rosemunde Bebette Sleeveless Top with Front Buttons New White

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Magnifique nouveau haut en dentelle de Rosemunde, conçu avec de fins boutons en nacre et de la dentelle classique à l'encolure et aux épaules, ainsi qu'un fin bord bouclé en bas qui complète l'expression féminine. Le haut est tricoté circulairement dans une douce qualité de soie côtelée, sans couture sur le côté, ce qui le rend très confortable à porter.
Top parfait toute l'année ♥ aussi bien seul que sous une robe, un tricot ou une chemise.

- Côtes
- Tricot circulaire
- Boutons perlés sur le devant
- Bords en dentelle au cou et aux épaules
- Ourlet bouclé

Composé de 70% de soie et 30% de coton.

  • Style: 4596
  • Color: New White (1049)

This season’s most popular styles capture signature Rosemunde styles in either classic or seasonal shades and prints. The majority of the top 10 bestsellers remains to be our popular silk essentials in different designs. All silk essentials are knitted as tubes with no side seams in a mix of 70% silk and 30% cotton. The iconic silk top designed with the classic vintage lace ranks of course at the top of the list being the true definition of Rosemunde’s mission statement; “A luxury feeling – every day”.  The popular silk tops, the soft and feminine cardigans together with the strap top and dress with elegant lace are all must-haves in your wardrobe.

The production of Chinese silk has a rich history dating back several thousand years.

At Rosemunde, we collaborate with the masters of the craft who harvest, retrieve, spin and weave silk cloth – a meeting of ancient skills with contemporary design.

For our silk essentials, we only use the finest silk available, in a mix of 70% silk and 30% cotton.

The silk/cotton combination allows your skin to breathe and regulates your body temperature helping you keep warm when it is cold and cold when it is warm.

Our Rosemunde silk wife beater with lace tank tops are knitted as ribs with no side seams, resulting in a great fit no matter the body shape and high level of comfort. The tops are perfect for layering offering all women around the world “a luxury feeling – every day”.

Size: L

Color: New White

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